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Slow Internet speed? Why it is better to reset your Wi-Fi Aug 14, 2016 Troubleshoot slow Wi-Fi - Google Wifi Help Building materials and other objects located between your router and Wifi points or between your Wifi points and mobile devices may slow your connection. If possible, try to use your device within 1gbps internet but getting really slow speeds | Tom's Sep 14, 2018 3 router tweaks to speed up your Wi-Fi | Fox News

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Aug 25, 2015 Why is My WiFi So Slow: Tracking Down the Culprits - The Sep 19, 2019 What should I do if internet speed is slow when the device Step 8 If all above settings cannot help, it is necessary to follow FAQ 497 to reset your router, and re-configure it. Finally, if the 2.4G Wi-fi speed is still too slow, please report your case to TP-Link support: 11 Hidden Reasons Your Internet Is So Slow - Reader's Digest Apr 07, 2020