Does youtube blocked in Pakistan as im unable to connect to youtube but i can browse all sites normally. Does anyone facing same problem like me Sep 17, 2012 #2.

Why YouTube is block in Pakistan - Pakistan Hotline Beside Pakistan many other countries also block YouTube for different reasons, Armenia blocked because of elections unrests, China block for two times and even Germany also block after the court decision. After the London bomb blast in London UK governments wants to limit or block social media. Video controversy: YouTube likely to remain blocked in Oct 03, 2012 YouTube blocked in Pakistan - Telegraph

If YouTube is blocked, then you may use YouTube on your mobile phone or the YouTube Kids App. Some schools and parents may block the main YouTube website due to potentially offensive content. Load

Pakistan blocks access to YouTube in internet crackdown May 20, 2010

YouTube Blocked In Pakistan ? Why YouTube Is Blocked In

Pakistan had blocked YouTube before when sacrilegious sketches started appearing in 2008. In 2010, the government blocked both YouTube and Facebook when objectionable content was increasingly