WHR-G300N V1, DD-WRT compatible ? FDI-09101538-0 Ralink 3052 @ 384 MHz 32 MB 4 MB Ralink b/g/n - ? ? 4 LAN/1 WAN - 12V/2.0A? WHR-G300N V2 ? FDI-09101561 Atheros 7240 @ 400 MHz 32 MB 4 MB Atheros b/g/n - ? ? 4 LAN/1 WAN - 12V/1A WHR-G54S: DD-WRT V24-SP2 compatible ? FDI—04600264-0 Broadcom 5352 @ 200 MHz 16 MB 4 MB Broadcom b/g - - ? 4 LAN/1

Oct 23, 2009 · The WHR-G300N only does 2.4Ghz, not 5Ghz. Given that it costs about $35, half the price of a retail 802.11g router, it's not a huge disappointment. The DD-WRT interface is leaps and bounds better than Buffalo's original software. They should just bite the bullet and sell these routers with DD-WRT pre-installed. dd-wrtというのは、簡単に言うとルーターのファームウェアのことです普通のルーターには、メーカーが出している純正のファームウェアが書き込んであるのですが、今回は、それには搭載されていない機能を利用するために非公式のファームに書き換えてみようと思います。 WHR-G300Nは、dd-wrtはOKだが、openwrtを入れる方法は、わからず。 掲載ファームのファイル名の末尾に「-EU」と記述があるので、海外で出荷されたもの専用のイメージなのかも。 Router: Dir-615 D4 Sounds like I might be having problems with this too with r26138 installed and ALL defaults; . Wireless clients can connect and ARE assigned IP addresses, CAN access the GUI but are unable to perform DNS queries. After upgrade from 12966 to 13064, WHR-G300N does not turn the Internet led (the one that says Router) when connected in Repeader Bridge. Current Time in Satus > Router shows Not available in the same mode.. Also, top AOSS button does not work to toggle on/off wireless radio..

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WHR-G301NはWHR-G300N Rev.2と同じであるようですので、WHR-G300N Rev.2のファームウェアをダウンロードします。 Router Database | www.dd-wrt.com

Installing DD-WRT Flashing from Buffalo Firmware. These instructions are for WHR-G300N v2 only. Go here for WHR-G300N v1 instructions. Buffalo, unfortunately, encrypts their firmware, and their routers will accept only encrypted firmware in the web interface. Fortunately, the stunning authors of DD-WRT have created a first time flash file.

The Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N as shipped from Buffalo Wireless comes shipped with a Buffalo-specific, modified version of the Open Source dd-wrt project. Their version of the firmware has some advanced features not available in the public community version of dd-wrt. 最新の dd-wrt を使用すると、以下メッセージが表示され、インストールできない。 ファームウェアデータが正しくありません。再起動します。 あと約 80 秒、お待ちください。 1-4. whr-g301n/n の管理ページを開く (dd-wrt に更新されている) Jul 06, 2012 · One of my routers, the Buffalo WHR-G301N is apparently the Japanese version of the WHR-G300N v2, and can be upgraded to dd-wrt by the same instructions. Some Buffalo routers actually shipped with dd-wrt preinstalled as a "pro" firmware. As far as I've seen, all Buffalo routers in Japan have the "junk" firmware preinstalled. Buffalo WHR-G300N 802.11n Wireless N Router (DD-WRT Compatible) $34.99 Free Shipping. Buffalo WHR-G300N 802.11n Wireless N Router (DD-WRT Compatible) $34.99 Free