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Feb 13, 2018 Do P2P Blocklists Keep you Safe? * TorrentFreak Apr 15, 2007 IPFilter Updater | IPFilter Updater A free, Open Source utility to keep your Bit Torrent blocklist updated. Download for Windows Windows Installer (.msi) or Other downloads. Supporters & Sponsors Donate. Donate to my PayPal. Downloads Windows Installer Download for Windows v3.0.2.9-beta Portable Executable Protecting yourself when downloading using BitTorrent After the ipfilter.dat has been downloaded and installed, start uTorrent and go into preferences (Options -> Preferences or Ctrl+P), and click on Advanced.In the right hand pane, make sure that “ipfilter.enable” is set to true, and then close the dialog.On newer versions of uTorrent this is enabled by default, but you may need to check if you still run an older version.

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What is a Blocklist? Best Blocklists Explained - Cogipas.com Jul 11, 2018 I-BlockList | Lists PhantomPeer VPN Service I-Blocklist has a VPN and proxy service named PhantomPeer. To find out more please visit www.phantompeer.com

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Jul 03, 2020 New IPFilter Updater For BitTorrent Client Blocklists Blocklists & ipfilter.dat files don’t update themselves automatically - but here’s a cool new utility that now makes it possible with just one mouse-click! Introducing IPFilter Updater - a tiny script that you can use to update a blocklist for virtually any torrent client. How To Use An IP Filter On uTorrent (With IPFilter Updater Feb 13, 2018