To configure another port for HTTPS management, enter the desired port number into the Port field, and click Apply. For example, if you configure the HTTPS management port to be 444, then you must log into the SonicWall using the port number as well as the IP address; for example, to access the SonicWall

Difference Between HTTPS Port 443 and Port 8443 Mar 01, 2018 Can I use another port other than 443 for HTTPS/SSL We can use any available port for HTTPS, however, for the sake of convention, 443 and 8443 are assigned for HTTPS (browsers automatically prefix with https when these port numbers are used), but we can even run HTTPS on port 80. In this case it is our responsibility to use https (if we don't indicate it, the browser will consider it a http link). Enable ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) Enable port 80 (and 443) by changing the appropriate settings from N to a Y. They should look like: server.enable-http-on-port-80=Y server.enable-https-on-port-443=Y . Change the server port in all providers installed on your network. The server port is set in … How to Ping a Network Port (TCP) Number to Verify if its Open

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Jul 06, 2018 · Changing HTTPS Port Number. If your router is complaining about port 443 already being used, it means that you already have another network device (in your LAN) which uses 443 and thus the router will only forward the requests to that device. For reference here is a List of TCP and UDP port numbers from the Wikipedia. Change Port via ISY Admin

Solution to "Port '443' is in use" When Starting a Web App from Visual Studio 2016-02-28. Here’s a method that works for me. Open Azure Portal https: Pages.