Surfing the Internet on a smartphone can be difficult because of the small text. Fortunately you can connect the smartphone to your computer. Connecting to a Computer. Many mobile phones can be used as modems for laptop computers. You will connect your smartphone to your computer either with a USB cable or through Bluetooth.

How to Get 4G or 3G Internet Access on Your Laptop Nov 10, 2019 Can I use my phone to connect my laptop to the Internet Connect your desktop or laptop to internet. 2. Connect your android mobile phone to your pc using usb data cable. 3.In your android phone go to settings , and under wireless and network settings , you find an option called - usb internet sharing. How to Connect a VoIP Phone to Your Computer | 8x8 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows users to make and receive phone calls through an internet connection, and this method allows for a wide range of other capabilities that traditional business phone services can't match due to fixed electrical pathways. The bottom line is that VoIP systems offer effortless communication with greater

Phone or tablet as Internet modem in Android. This three types of Android sharing are grouped in a …

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Connect PC Internet to Mobile via USB or WiFi

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