In my company we connect through a VPN connection first (Aventail) and once the VPN connectivity is available we use SAP Logon and connect to SAP. I have tried doing the same thing at home. I am able to connect to the VPN successfully but for some reason SAP Logon doesnt seem to be able to reach the server. I get a "Load Balancing error".

Global Load Balancing and Failover as-a-service’s Anycast service provides automated load balancing and failover as-a-service, freeing you from dependence on DNS-based load balancing. A single Anycast IP is advertised for all your hosting resources. Internet traffic is then intelligently distributed or re-routed. Jun 12, 2017 · All you need is a VPN provider that has multiple servers which you likely already do and then you simply setup 2 or more (there really is no limit) OpenVPN Clients for each individual VPN server you want to utilise within your load balancing group. The way this load balancing works is round-robin. FatPipe's SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN) products provide solutions for an easy migration to Hybrid WAN. FatPipe SD-WAN to improve application performance and reliability, WAN Optimiztion, WAN Load Balnacing, Hybrid Network, Dual WAN Load Balancing May 25, 2012 · VPN Load balancing allows numerous VPN connections to exist between two sites, and their configuration over multiple WAN connections. This is used to provide both a larger capacity network pipe Jan 01, 2020 · Global Load Balancing with Pulse Secure Virtual Traffic Manager. Every year, global enterprises suffer application downtime due to failures in software or infrastructure, whether the applications are in secure data centers, or in public clouds. However you measure it, the cost of application downtime can be very high for many organizations. Designed to help organizations achieve their availability objectives, the Barracuda Load Balancer integrates IP load balancing and network intrusion prevention into an affordable and easy to use appliance. The Barracuda Load Balancer provides comprehensive failover capabilities in case of server failure, distribution of traffic across multiple servers, and integrated protection from network We installed a Sonicwall NSA 240 appliance and have configured it up for our SSL VPN connection and for load balancing with 2 ADSL lines. Over the past week, I have been testing the load balancing options to optimize the connection speeds for our users - but I've run into the following:

MPVPN. Overview. Make your VPN 900% more secure and 300% faster, more redundant, and more reliable. FatPipe MPVPN ®, a patented* router clustering device, is an essential part of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning for Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity.

Load balancing Always On VPN Remote access is vital to organisations of any size and any level of downtime is not acceptable. jetNEXUS offers 3 key advantages for load balancing a Microsoft Always on VPN environment.

Aug 10, 2016 · 5. Similarly, go to VPN and Remote Access >> VPN TRUNK Management >> Load Balance Pool to add a new pool for the 2 IPsec VPN profiles. 6. Similarly, go to Load Balance Rule and create a rule for the Load Balance Pool created. 7. After finishing the settings, two IPsec VPN tunnels should be online at the same time.

Hybrid VPN application. High-speed, high-security communications between local servers, remote devices and cloud-hosted applications with deployments of the ZyWALL VPN300 . Secure, reliable VPN connectivity with IPSec VPN load balancing and failover features delivers high-availability services for exceptional uptime. Products > Load-Balancing Routers Business-Grade routers with multiple WAN interfaces to improve Internet speed and provide seamless failover. Learn more about DrayTek Load Balancing solution. The BGP feature added was maximum-paths to allow for per session load balancing. We need the static routes for the secondary tunnels because our default route is pointintg towards ISP 1. If we don’t have it then our secondary tunnels will need to renegotiate and failover won’t be so smooth. High-performance VPN Load Balancing with FortiADC and FortiGate Offering VPN connectivity, whether via secure sockets layer (SSL) or Internet Protocol security (IPsec), is essential to ensuring secure connectivity for a remote workforce. However, scaling VPN infrastructure to meet the needs of a business’s business continuity plan can