#4. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos Android App. Vault-Hide, the name of this app tell all, Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos is a vault that can hide your messages, pictures, and videos and other things. Vault not only for hiding SMS messages but also for its contact hider.

How to hide apps on Android? (Simple way) | Android apps Hide apps on your Android device easily. Just use our instruction and try different options with or without using soft Check the icons that you want to hide. The number of selected icons is displayed at the top of the display. You can hide unnecessary applications on Android when using the Hide App utility. Everything is simple. You Private Text Messaging + Secure Texting & Calling - Apps 2020-7-9 · CoverMe Private Text Messaging + Secure Texting & Calling is a private messenger for private texts & calls from a burner line. Better private messaging experience with disappearing messages, encrypted messages, anonymous sms, etc. Hide secret text messages, private call logs, and personal contacts from prying eyes. Everything is end-to-end encrypted on CoverMe Private Messenger.

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May 30, 2018 · You can fulfill your need for privacy with the help of the Android secondary phone number apps. Here are some Android secondary phone number apps to give you an alternate number to hide the primary phone number. 1. Sideline. Sideline is a great Android secondary phone number app. Best Android Apps to hide apps on your device By Arushi June 14, 2019 When you cannot afford the luxury of privacy thanks to overbearing siblings, parents, and/or the better-halves, life can feel Mar 27, 2020 · If you can’t find hide my number option in your android device then don’t worry, some countries & network carriers do not allow to hide your phone number on the latest android devices. Hide Your Phone Number on Android 10 and 9 Pie Step 1: Open the Phone app in your latest android devices. Step 2: Tap on More at the upper right corner. hide number free download - Hide Phone Number Incoming Call Screen, HIDE, Live Mobile Number Tracker, and many more programs. Publisher: Felix Android Apps Downloads: 469. Hide Files. Free

Feb 08, 2018 · Hide Apps Using Apex Launcher. Apex Launcher is a popular third-party app that offers a number of customization options for your phone. You can use it to change the user interface on your device

When you hide your Caller ID, the person who receives your phone call will simply see Unknown Number or Private Number. So, you can call the other person without him knowing your number. To hide caller ID on Android smartphones, open the dialer app, open Settings > Call > Additional Settings.