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Shoretel Softphone without VPN? : VOIP Right now we're deploying SonicWALL VPN site to site boxes in users home and it's just not scalable. Users are on a softphone and the setup is kludge to say the best. We were using Softphones with software VPN connections and it was a constant battle where Shoretel Communicator would not stay connected to the server. Fixing a PCI DSS scan failure on the SonicWALL IPSec VPN Jun 24, 2013 SonicWALL How To: Configure SSL VPN with Local Apr 19, 2016

Application Notes for Configuring SonicWALL VPN for

ShoreTel VPN Concentrator and its associated VPN phones. The ShoreTel VPN Concentrator and VPN IP phones was introduced to the ShoreTel product line in software release 8.1. The VPN Phone is a ShoreTel feature that provides secure audio communications for ShorePhones located remotely from ShoreGear switches through open VPN SSL tunnels.

The SonicWALL GX250 and SonicWALL GX650 are integrated, powerful VPN concentrators for customers of all sizes, with stateful packet inspection firewall and support for SonicWALL's comprehensive portfolio of security applications - all at a great price!

Dan, that number is referring to SSL VPN Nodes/Users. That means if you also wanted to use the SonicWALL as a SSL VPN vpn concentrator you only have 5 lics out of the box. To see exactly what you have licenses for, click on the hamburger menu at the bottom to get out of the new gui, once your out, on the left click on System and then Status. define host{ use generic-host host_name cisco-vpn-primary alias Cisco VPN Concentrator Primary address check_command check-host-alive max_check_attempts 10 notification_interval 120 notification_period 24x7 notification_options d,r contact_groups admins hostgroups ciscovpn } define host{ use generic-host host_name cisco-vpn