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Jan 06, 2014 bpo-39259: nntplib.NNTP/NNTP_SSL refactoring by corona10 bpo-39259: nntplib.NNTP/NNTP_SSL now reject timeout = 0 #17936. Merged vstinner changed the title nntplib.NNTP/NNTP_SSL refactoring bpo-39259: nntplib.NNTP/NNTP_SSL refactoring Jan 10, 2020. vstinner removed the skip issue label Jan 10, 2020. Copy link Quote reply Member vstinner News Server Address : Alternate Standard and SSL Ports The table below lists the server addresses for each provider along with secure (SSL) and standard (non-encrypted) ports. Alternate ports are a great way to avoid traffic shaping. If you notice your connection is slow then your ISP might be throttling Usenet traffic through throttling the default NNTP ports which are 119 for non-secure and 563

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Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP - Network How It Works. NNTP is both a client/server protocol and a server/server protocol. It offers a set of simple text commands that. Enable NNTP clients such as Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Internet Mail and News to use TCP port number 119 to connect to an NNTP service or daemon running on an NNTP server and download a list of newsgroups, read the messages in a newsgroup, or post a new Ssl Hrvatski Prijevod - Primjeri Upotrebe Ssl U Rečenici