Here, the Debian package is built from three pkg_tar targets:. bazel-bin creates a tarball with the main binary (mode 0755) in /usr/bin,; bazel-tools create a tarball with the base workspace (mode 0644) to /usr/share/bazel/tools; the modes attribute let us specifies executable files,; debian-data creates a gzip-compressed tarball that merge the three previous tarballs.

Jun 16, 2020 build .rpm package with all its dependencies - Server Fault It would be tricky to bundle all the dependencies into a single RPM, not least because the system you build on may have a different package composition from your target (e.g., your target has newer, or conflicted packages already installed, which you may unintentionally overwrite). Building open source RPM packages on IBM AIX – Build Smart Jun 15, 2017 Building RPM packages from the Git repository

Nov 22, 2018

Building RPMs

build .rpm package with all its dependencies - Server Fault

The Spec File. We'll begin with discussion of the spec file. Spec files are required to build a package. …