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Fire in a Crowded Theater - The Origins of a Limit on Free Nov 07, 2012 Letra de Rebel Yell de Klingande feat. Krishane | Musixmatch This is my rebel yell What about freedom? You're more than the clothes That you put on your back Keep addressing your demons But you can't find your sword On the discount rack People are people Yeah, people are people And that's what they do All so afraid Of the truth Can you peel off the lies And take off the love And the light that is shining The left has no right taking my freedom away The left has no right taking my freedom away Ya it's better to yell about government taking your freedom from you so you can decide for yourself ,Its not freedom unless you are given the choice to decide whether or not to kill your neighbors. Five quotes that yell ‘Freedom’. – Infinity House Retreat

About Freedom "Freedom" is a 1987 single by rock singer Alice Cooper, taken from his seventeenth solo studio album, Raise Your Fist and Yell. It was written by Alice Cooper and Kane Roberts. The song was the only single released from Raise Your Fist and Yell.

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