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Dec 08, 2015 · Private SMS & Call (Private Space) Private Space is a dedicated app for keeping your SMS, call logs and contacts private. The app allows you to add contacts into a “private space,” and after that all SMS and calls between you and your private contacts will be found in that private space and not in the normal message box or call log history.

Your best bet is to set up an intermediate server on the internet that uses an online SMS sending service and send the SMS via that route if you need complete automation. (ie, your program on the iPhone sends a UDP packet to your server, which sends the real SMS) iOS 4 Update

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How to stay as private as possible on Apple's iPad and iPhone but don’t disable Find My iPhone. Limit app access to Location data. right? SMS conversations are not. iOS Security: How to Keep Private Messages on Your iPhone When you leave your iPhone on a table or anywhere within somebody else's eyeshot, a private message may pop up on your lock screen that could be read by anyone who sees it. But there's a way to keep others from reading your possibly sensitive text messages and emails without giving up the convenience of lock screen notifications entirely. Private Text Messages: How to Hide Message - iPhone Life Jan 10, 2018 About iMessage and SMS/MMS - Apple Support