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An Old Fashioned Lady. 379 likes · 10 talking about this. Personal Blog The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Special Edition: Blog Boys Jun 19, 2020 ChumpLady.com - Leave a cheater, gain a life Dear Chump Lady, It seems if people aren’t on the Esther Perel train when it comes to their relationship ideologies, they talk about the Gottman’s. The Gottman Institute has put out all kinds of info and studies over the years, and my complaint isn’t with their ideology. However I do …

At my age, 6 months away from age 69 years old, I have finally become a self advocate. Self advocacy has been one of my hardest struggles in life. I had nobody to recognize my autistic struggles, nobody interested in helping me through my struggles as a child, nobody to speak for me in any situations I found overwhelming, frightening

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These are strange days for the world. A viral epidemic has set boundaries on our lives, and cultivated fear in the masses. It’s created an environment where groups and communities compete to set themselves above others, when all of humanity is on equal footing in the face of this outbreak.

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