Apr 25, 2020

Perfect Day (Lou Reed song) Nov 17, 1997 LOU REED – TRANSFORMED! – Madeline Bocaro May 16, 2018 Coldplay -- Perfect day (Lou Reed) - YouTube Dec 23, 2012

Coldplay -- Perfect day (Lou Reed) - YouTube

St. Vincent Covers Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day' in Brooklyn Nov 21, 2018

Apr 12, 2020

An important examination of the BBC's star-studded version IN November of 1997, THE BBC gathered together a starry cast of singers and musicians from a variety of genres to perform a charity cover of Lou Reed’s Perfect Day. Lou Reed – Perfect Day Lyrics | Genius Lyrics Perfect Day Lyrics: Just a perfect day / Drink Sangria in the park / And then later, when it gets dark / We go home / Just a perfect day / Feed animals in the zoo / Then later, a movie too / And then Lou Reed - Transformer - Amazon.com Music