The new BT Business Smart Hub gives you faster wi-fi in more areas around your workplace than ever before. Just what you’re looking for to grow your business. From Guest Wi-Fi to a business-grade security firewall, we’ve packed plenty into the sleek, superfast new BT Business Smart Hub.

Information about the BT Business Hub 6 (= SmartHub 1) is the BT Business Hub 6 yet available to business customers? 2) is this the same as the "SmartHub"? 3) does it have any major features to distinguish it from the Home Hub 6? And specific features which I'd like to know if it supports: • VPN and SSL VPN Tunnels/VPN termination - for inter-site connection/meshing Bt Business Hub Vpn Setup - VPN was repeatedly shown to expose its users to danger, rather than Bt Business Hub Vpn Setup protect their private data. Through a combination of misrepresentation, false marketing, as well as a … How to install a VPN inside my BT router - Quora

Hi there, I am looking to change my current BT Smart Hub to a router I can use with a VPN. In addition to the BT Smart Hub I subscribe to BT Infinity broadband, I then use x4 Devolo 1200 homeplugs to move the signal around my house, 2 have wireless capability.

Nov 30, 2006 · Mate google it, there's loads of hits on BT home hub and VPN X201 30 Nov 2006 11:46:34 20,695 posts Seen 19 hours ago Registered 14 years ago rare uk wrote: BT SmartTalk App - You'll need a BT home calling plan and an iPhone / Android Smartphone. Use BT SmartTalk to access calls included as part of your calling plan, when using your Smartphone. 5 users per BT account. GMT time zone applies. International, Premium (09) and Personal (070) calls require opt-in. Fair Use policy applies. Excludes BT Basic.

Hi all, So I was happily using my VPN on my tablet and work computer but since upgrading to the Home hub 6, it will not allow me to use a VPN on my device. I can connect to it but when I use it, it doesn’t lid anything. Trying it with my mobile connection, everything is fine.

The wireless connection icons show my work laptop connected to the hub (wireless, and I've also tried ethernet to make sure the problem wasn't the wireless itself, problem is the same whichever connection I'm using) and from the job to the internet -- but once I connect the VPN, the connection from the hub to the outside world is dropped. Solved: Can't connect vpn client to work network - BT I tried connecting to the vpn site through my web browser with the same result - can't be reached, site took to long to respond. Talking to BT support was a joke - the chat line wasn't worth the time and the techexpert phone call stopped at the mention of the D6400, despite the information about my IT guy and his home hub.